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Administration refers to the process of managing, organising, and supervising business operations to achieve specific objectives effectively and efficiently. It involves planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling the resources of an organisation, including people, money, equipment, and information.

Administrative work is essential to businesses because it provides support to all areas of the organisation, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently. It involves handling a wide range of tasks such as managing budgets, hiring and training employees, overseeing the day-to-day operations, developing and implementing policies and procedures, handling customer inquiries, and managing data and information systems.


Administrators are important to businesses because they help to ensure that the organisation is operating at its maximum potential. They are responsible for keeping the business organised and on track, which allows the business to focus on its core activities. They also help to identify and solve problems, make informed decisions, and provide guidance and support to employees.

|   Roles in Administration

Administrative Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Office Administrator, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Receptionist, Secretary, Data Entry Clerk, Office Manager, HR Administrator, Finance Administrator, Customer Service Administrator, Procurement Administrator, Project Coordinator, Sales Administrator, Sales Coordinator, Marketing Administrator, Events Administrator, Health & Safety Administrator, Facilities Administrator.

|   Salaries in Administration

The salaries for administration roles vary depending on the level of experience and responsibility required for the position. Entry-level administrative assistants can earn an average salary of £20,000 per year, while those with more experience can earn up to £30,000 per year. Executive assistants and office managers can earn upwards of £40,000 per year. We work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate salary range for each role, ensuring fair compensation for our candidates.

|   How to get into Administration

Individuals moving into administration roles come from diverse backgrounds, and often possess a combination of education, work experience, and personal qualities. Some common backgrounds for those moving into administration include customer service, reception, and data entry. However, candidates with backgrounds in business, finance, and law can also excel in administration roles. Successful administration professionals tend to possess excellent communication skills, the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects, and a strong work ethic.

|   The future of Administration

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the future of administration will undoubtedly change. However, one thing that will remain constant is the importance of providing exceptional support to businesses and organisations to ensure that they can run smoothly and efficiently. Companies that invest in recruiting and training talented individuals for administration roles are likely to succeed in the long run. At Green Orchard Recruitment, we stay up to date with the latest industry trends and work with our clients to ensure they are prepared for the future of administration.

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